Scott McGlynn Q&A with Laura White

I sat down with the gorgeous Laura White before her sold out show in Manchester, We spoke about her new EP, X-Factor and more…


Q:  We all know you Laura from the X-Factor so what have you been up to music wise?

L: It is still funny that so many remember me from doing the xfactor because it was so long ago and i am someone who never came off the show being signed etc.. i have been an independent artist proudly for many years and have written all of my own material and worked with my fans on everything we have built together. The show didn’t take me to where we are today but i am also grateful that the show allowed me such a platform to be heard. I’ve been writing for many years, playing so many amazing shows that me and my fans filled, released an EP that was the number one singer songwriter EP UK iTunes chart in the UK and also writing for many other artists.

Q: Are you releasing any new material for 2016?

L: I have released my 2nd EP ‘NO 95’ which is ready now for pre-order on iTunes! Check it out and its all my own written music that I am so proud of. Just cool, real songs that I love. I Collaborated with an amazing LA rapper Wes Period on one of the tracks too, 2016 I am going to drop a lot of music for the fans!

Q: So do you agree with Dermot O’Leary by saying X-Factor should take a year break and go back to room auditions?

L: I think the room auditions were more authentic and raw on hearing the voice and seeing the performers and who they are! I think back in 2008 it had more realness I think its just people now have seen too many people saying the same, performing the same, there isn’t as much authentic artistry.

Q:  Have you got any performances coming up soon where we can all come and see you?

L: I just played two sell out dates at The Bedford in Balham and Manchester..I will be playing all over the country this year and announcing daily on my twitter @laurawhiteoffic and Facebook –

Q: We all know you are a fantastic songwriter so who have you written for?

L: I wrote the Rita ora song ‘NY Raining’ which also featured on Empire the TV Show which got grammy nominated 2016. Its been an amazing year! I also have pitched songs for Alicia Keys, Fifth Harmony, Paloma Faith, Janelle Monae and of course Laura White material!

Q: If you wasn’t doing music what do you think you be doing?

L: Music is everything i am and ever will do.. but if i didn’t do it i would be a writer but a book writer! I love to read and i love words!

Q: If we were to collaboration with an artist who will it be?

I would love to collaborate with another rapper, I love Jcole, Kendrick Lamar… Or a beautiful song with my lady Aretha Franklin!

Q: What was your first single you bought?

The first song I ever bought was Spice Girls wannabe on tape and also Alisha attic- i am i feel.

Q: I’m excited to hear your new EP NO.95 coming out 12 feb can you tell me much about it?

L: The EP is called ‘NO.95’ because I wrote it all starting in my old house at 95 Portobello road in Notting hill, It’s a mix of old school, New York sounding Piano realness. Classic 🙂

Q: I see on your twitter you love your emoji’s tell me if you had to pick one to describe you what will it be?

L: Yes i love it! I would be the punch hand because I am a girl who believes in being brave.. and also I love the girl flicking her hair i use that every message i send almost!

Laura’s new EP will be released on 12th February pre-order yours today by clicking the link – No.95


Danni Levy – Q&A Interview with Scott McGlynn

My recent interview with Life on Marbs –  Danni Levy we talked Marbs, Secrets and more..


Hello Danni nice to meet you how are you?

Danni – Great to meet you to Scott 🙂 I’m doing amazing thank you! 

Q – Firstly I like to say you look amazing! Tell us what’s your secrets ?

D – Thank you. I think it’s all about finding a balance and living a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t make you resent exercise or clean eating. Personally, I always start my morning with a 30 minute beach run to help motivate me for the day ahead. This gives me thinking space and helps burn fat before breakfast. I also enjoy a very clean diet but don’t deprive myself of the odd treat and I love a glass of red wine- we’re all human after all!
I’m 31 now, and I must confess I recently started having botox which has taken a few years off me and I’ve been getting tons of compliments about how young I look. I have it done by @EssexBotoxno1 they’re amazing! 
Q-  We seen you on ITVbe “Life On Marbs” any regrets? If so why? 
D – Life is too short for regrets! That’s all I’m gonna say about that one haha! 
Q – Your book “The Pyramid Diet” has done really well, Was bringing out a book a goal of yours?
D – I’ve always loved writing and I’m a health journalist too, so writing a book was a welcome challenge. I was actually approached to do it and it was something that’d never crossed my mind before. 80,000 words was hardcore, but I really enjoyed writing it and would love to bring out another book soon.
Q – I love your column in New! Magazine, What made you go down that root? 
D – I was approached by new! as they do a lot of stuff on “Life on Marbs”. They’re such a great publication to work with, and I thought the column would do wonders for and give something back to the viewers who were battling with the January bulge. You can get involved for free at by entering password: newyouwithdanni
Just tweet your 30-day before and after pics to @DanniLevyTV @new_magazine to win an all expenses paid long weekend to Marbs to train with me! 


Q- I love inspiring quotes, Can you tell me your favourite quote?
D – I always say ‘Your body is just something you wear; if you don’t like it, change it!’
Danni has inspired so many people, Including one of my close girlfriends saying ” I watch Danni on “Life On Marbs” and when i heard she’s doing  a column  in New! It’s now my number one magazine” 
 You can purchase Danni’s book “The Pyramid Diet” here


Stooshe Official Story

Logo black
Girl group Stooshe are a vocal trio featuring Courtney Rumbold, Alexandra Buggs & Karis Anderson. These London Lasses broke onto the UK music scene in 2012, with an unconventional approach to the standard girl band formula.
Stooshe went on to achieve rapid success selling 800,000 singles and spending 6 weeks in the UK Chart top 5 with their 2nd single release ‘Blackheart’.
After charting in the top 40 for over 16 weeks ‘Blackheart’ received a nomination for “Best British single” at the 2013 Brit Awards, up against some of the biggest names in the industry.
The girl’s long awaited album “London With The Lights On” was released in May 2013, charting at number 8 to a great media reception. The Independent’s Simon Price quoted “The south London trio’s effortlessly assured debut combines classic 1960s soul, street party reggae, upfront electro-pop, cackling Night Bus backchat and shameless sexual innuendo. And there is nothing not to love about it”!
In a relatively small amount of time Stooshe’s achievements spoke for themselves, touring with pop history’s biggest names, Nikki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez, closing the Mobo’s, getting nominated for a Brit and having had 4 top 20’s, 2 top 10’s and a top 10 selling album.
Known for their eclectic style, quirky lyrics, and above all phenomenal and precise vocals, Stooshe are looking to deliver a record which lyrically depicts the trying journey they have been through, while musically fusing pop/r&b with strong beats, thick synths, live instruments and melodic soulful singable melodies.
Official Website –
Pack Shot Stooshe_LOCK DOWN
 If you would like to ask Stooshe any questions please comment below or email me at
I be sure to ask them on a future blog.

Hollywood 80s/90s Actor – Interview PART 2

Welcome back to part 2 of my Horror Hollywood Star Paul Rawson Q&A interview…..



Q: Anything you auditioned for and didn’t get?
Paul: Totally. Although I only auditioned for the parts I wanted. I did get shown the door quite a few times.
Q: Care to name any?
Paul: ‘Dennis’ (1993) I wanted a part in that as one of the twatty kids but turned out I just wasn’t as ugly as I thought I was.
Q: And finally. What have you been upto over the years and where do you see yourself in five years?
Paul: I’ve been keeping busy. I moved back to the UK in 2009 and fell in love ha. I have done a few small roles here and there to keep my soul alive but nothing major. I’m pretty much past my sell by date I think.
I did a song called ‘Magic of Love’ (2015) I was in drag which I don’t usually do. You can find it online if you wish to mock me lol. P.s. I cannot sing!!
I’m currently part of the film company ‘Altruism Pictures’ ( where we produce films etc. Great fun. Hard work. I’m happy helping others make their projects happen rather than me finding myself running from audition to audition.
I just want to say thank you Paul for taken the time to talk with me, It was great meeting you! Scott 
All links to Paul’s sites are on Interview part 1.
Hope you all enjoyed my first Hollywood star interview!
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Interview with Nathan Wyburn


I recently sat down with Nathan Wyburn BGT Semi Finalist about his new book Not That Kind of Art and what the future holds…

1. How has life been since BGT (Britain Got Talent)?

It’s been fantastic, not many people get to do what they love for a living, I’m one of the lucky ones for sure. The show gave me a huge platform to get my work out there (although YouTube was doing well too) I still get the Toast Boy or Marmite Man remarks today almost 5 years on!

2. Your new book “Not That Kind of Art” is out now, Can you tell us a bit more about it?

It’s a coffee table book, mostly made up of images of my favourite work from 2010-2015 . There’re 80 pop culture portraits all created using different materials, from food to fake tan, paintings with my feet and even my tongue. There’s also a 20 page autobiography at the start explaining my life and career to date.

3. What good advise can you give to BGT 2016 auditionee’s?

Believe in yourself, take it all in your stride and don’t take any of it for granted. The instant fame is there, but a lot of hard work comes afterwards.

4. Releasing your book has this been a goal of yours?

Yes! I remember Christmas dinner and saying to my parents “I’m going to get signed and make a book this year”. It’s so difficult to keep up with things these days, especially for people like my grandparents who don’t have social media. I wanted there to be a solid place where people could go and enjoy my work – the book has become that.

5. What does 2016 hold for Nathan Wyburn?

Well I never know! The work naturally happens around current affairs and breaking stories, new movies and celebrity culture. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing next week, and I like it that way. I’m an affairs documenting pop culture life as it happens – just like Warhol did a few decades before me.

6. Lastly what’s your favourite emoji 🙂

I really like the monkey holding his hands over his face – I use it all the time! 🙈


I have to say he’s an incredible guy full of talent, I’m excited to see what 2016 hold for him!

Debut book ‘Not That Kind Of Art’ available on Amazon now!
Read my monthly column in Cardiff Times.



The Body Coach – Review – Scott McGlynn

Hello everyone!

I have recently purchase myself A #1 BEST SELLER “Lean in 15” by Joe Wicks and WOW I AM IN LOVE!

I’m one of these people who tries to eat healthy but everything I cook is very boring and tasteless like plain chicken with veg that’s it! NO MORE thanks to Joe Wicks!

The book features 100 recipes for nutritious, quick to prepare meals in 15 minutes, plus some workouts to keep you healthy its great because Joe says “It’s not a strict diet, Its lifestyle change” So you can still have some of your favourites and get lean it’s a win, win right!

One of my personal favourites from TheBodyCoach is the Chicken Omelette I can eat these at least twice a day I love them, Of course their is a lot more, Another 99+ and I cant tell you every recipes I love! But you can purchase your own copy here…  Lean in 15

You can join the TheBodyCoach on social media..

Instagram @thebodycoach

Twitter – @thebodycoach

He’s great on his social media posting videos daily, You must follow!





Love, love, love fashion 

I love love love mens fashion! I like to know what YOUR style/trend is.. Casual, smart, a boot, trainers tell me everything by commenting below I will pick some of you to feature you in my next fashion blog!

Here’s my trends and styles I love and been inspired by… 
The smart look is mainly what I wear, I find I wear more black these days but I think it’s one of the best smart clothing out there! Like this.. 

So comment below get in touch so I can feature you in my next fashion blog post, keeping it real! 

Scott McGlynn 

It’s Called Black n Magic 

Myself and most of you must of tried a number of fake tans right? If your white as Casper like me and the sun is your enemy burning like a lobster fake tan is all we got to have a sun kissed glow! 
I been applying fake tan for a number of years now trying ALOT of different brands  on the high street and recommendations from friends. When it comes to tanning it’s drama from patches, grey colour, streaks and going orange! 

I came across Black Magic Tan a few months ago, I haven’t looked back I’ve used a number of their products from scrubs, tanning lotion and mouses etc.. I love it! Honestly this tan is a must try! Here’s what Sarah the Exclusive UK distributor for UK and Ireland says… 

Black Magic is a salon professional brand brought over from Australia in 2014. Using natural products and an eco certified organic range, Black Magic with chocolate, violet, brown and green undertones has the perfect solution for you. Our self tan range includes the super popular vibe mousse leave on for 1-6 hours depending on how dark you want to.

Some photos of celebrities using Black Magic

Tanya Bardsley, Jennifer Metcalfe and Danielle  Fogarty 

Jake Quickenden 


Joel Corry


You can your purchase your Black Magic Tan directly here

Twitter @BlackMagicUK_IE 

Thank you

Scott McGlynn 

Hollywood 80s/90s Actor – Interview PART 1

I recently been in contact with Paul Rawson a Hollywood Horror star  – A child actor who is probably best recognized from any B-Horror movie of the 80s & 90’s. That includes ‘Bad Dreams’ ‘Star Crystal’ & ‘Trapped Alive’.

Paul took the time out of his busy schedule to talk to me and have a Q&A…


Q: When and how did you get your acting started? I read that you were only 2 months old when you got your first job?

Paul: I was actually 2 weeks old. I played a baby in ‘Striking Back’ but they later changed the title upon release, There wasn’t much acting going on as I was a genuine baby doing what two week old babies do. Pooping and crying all day long. I still have the original script for that movie. Although I could barely open my eyes at that age, never mind read a freaking script! I wonder how much its worth ha ha.
Q: You were cast in the 1990 Horror cult classic ‘The Guardian’ from the director of ‘The Exorcist’ William Friedkin. What do you remember about the audition process? And what went wrong?
Paul: Ha. Brilliant. I was indeed. It was pretty much like every other audition process: You go meet the casting director, they call you back to see the director and/or put you on tape. If the director likes you, you might get another call back to meet them and sometimes it goes to the point where you audition with the lead actor. I remember the script being amazeballs. It was this fantasy horror film for adults about a nanny who kidnapped children and sacrificed them to the evil druids who lived in trees.
I know that sounds crap but on paper it was bloody good. I knew the director was a massive deal and I desperately wanted to get booked. In the end, I did. However – about 3 weeks into principal photography,
I became rather ill. I had very bad flu and was advised to get plenty of rest.
I wasn’t having any of it and I begged the Producers to shoot my scenes later when I was not reenacting scenes from William Friedkin’s first horror film, ‘The Exorcist’. But they couldn’t afford to wait so they basically told me to ‘do one’ ha ha. I later saw the film and was very surprised at how it turned out. It was a beautiful screenplay (all over the place) but it just didn’t transfer to film like it should have.
Q: You appeared in episodes of some popular 80s television series. Anything memorable that you can share with us about your experiences?
Paul: Sweet baby Jesus. I can hardly remember. Working on an episode for a show back then was very quick fire work. In shoot scenes, no second take, out! I only did a few TV series as I didnt find it very professional
at all. I did, ‘L.A. Firefighters’ when I was about 12 and I cannot even remember shooting any scenes. It was all so quick, business, business, business. With film its much more professional. There is a director
who wants to make the best film they can possibly make. Were as TV you get to the studio nagging to get the work done as fast and as cheaply as possible. Obviously I did ‘Scare Tactics’ which was an absolute blast.
Q: Can you tell us what its like it be a child star in Hollywood and how you managed to stay on track and not derail?
Paul: I was surrounded by good people. There are so many young folks who end up in the gutter because of their surroundings. I was lucky, I worked when I wanted to not because I needed to. I did my job and went home. Sometimes it can consume young kids when having so much attention being focused on them. I enjoyed the acting part.
There’s so much more to acting now – being in the spot light etc. I was once coming out of a kids birthday party when I was about 9 years old, It was at this restaurant in Hollywood and there were people screaming at me and trying to grab me. I was 9 and had no idea what the fuck was going on. But I ran into the street to escape them and very nearly got knocked down. Scary stuff.
Q: Have you ever turned down a part and later kicked yourself?
Paul: I’d like to say, yes! But I genuinely don’t remember turning anything down. I only read for the parts I wanted and if I was offered the part – I took it.
You can see part 2 of Paul’s interview next Monday so stayed tuned, You can find Paul on…
IMDb page  imdb Paul Rawson
Facebook Page
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